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Welcome to Fiish, a sustainable sushi restaurant – at Platform LA in Culver City.

With nearly two decades of experience cultivating relationships with local seafood purveyors and farmers, we source the majority of our fish directly from local docks and sustainable aquaculture farms. We work exclusively with farms that have Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certifications and have earned a Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) rating, which measure traceability, environmental impact, and pen densities, among other variables. Our seasonal menu will focus only on premium line-caught, ethically-sourced fish from local docks and sustainable aquaculture farms that we treat and dry age in-house.

Once we receive our fresh catch, we process the fish and hang them in our on-site dry aging refrigeration system, where we age the fish for 5-12 days, depending on the species. This short dry-aging process not only allows us to serve premium, never-frozen seafood, but also allows our chefs elasticity in the supply chain, resulting in reliable stock and minimal loss.

We are surfers, we are divers, and we are fishermen. Fiish is a celebration of the coast and spirit of California that we are so passionate about.